From $0 to $100 MRR January 17th Cohort


8 Weeks to Learn The Skills That Turn Great Developers into Successful Entrepreneurs

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You've heard of $10K MRR, right?

This phrase represents something much deeper than money.
It represents freedom - from bosses, from clocks, from needing to be somewhere at a certain time, and from coworkers.
Getting there is the collective goal of the entire indie hacker community.
You've also probably heard of the joys of "making your first $1 online".
How it changes everything. How everything becomes easier after that.
But there's a big gap between the two.
Let's take a look at what having $100 MRR means.
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$100 MRR means 10-20 clients who are paying you something every month.
$100 MRR means these people find what you're selling valuable.
$100 MRR means you've solved a problem people actually have and are willing to pay for.
$100 MRR means you've found a way to find customers - repeatedly.
$100 MRR unlocks your true potential.
$100 MRR changes everything.

When you've hit $100 MRR once, you can hit it again.

And if you hit $100 MRR with the right product, mindset and method, you can hit $10K MRR soon after that too.
This course will teach you a predictable method to get to $100 MRR - regardless of your idea, regardless of market conditions, regardless of competition, and regardless of any marketing skills you may or may not have.
The only requirement is your committment (and the ability to build whatever you're selling, which for software engineers is a given).

Building software is easy.

But marketing software is hard.
Or at least that's how it seems to software engineers who left (or are dying to leave) cushy but suffocating tech jobs to pursue entrepreneurship.
There's a simple reason for that.
Early stage marketing requires real conversations with real people.
And we - engineers - would do anything - BELIEVE anything - to avoid that.
"Set up a landing page, drive traffic, build an email list" Ever tried to do this?
"Ship 50 apps in 50 weeks" Or this?
We didn't get into coding because we were good around people.
If we had it going with the ladies when we were 14 or 15, we wouldn't have spent 10 hours a day learning how to code. We'd have other things on our minds.
It takes a bit of work to turn from a competent engineer into a successful entrepreneur.
We'll take it one step at a time.

We're going to study:

  • The judge vs. artist approach to ideation
  • The abstraction fallacy and how to avoid it
  • The bad itch syndrome and how to work around it
  • The mountaneering principle of consistency
  • The prospecting method of market research
  • The 10 pound principle of messaging
  • The lawn mower principle of sales
And much much more!

My name is Eli Finer.

I've been a software engineer for 26 years, a coach for 16 and a full-time marketer for the last 4 years.
I don't have a 8-figure successful SaaS business to show off to prove you my method works. I only have my blood, sweat and tears on my Twitter account @finereli to defend my claims.
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Starting in 2022 I went from a business that only made $200, to the next one that made $800, to the next with $3600, to over $45000 in 2023.
I failed in every way possible, and watched closely as other people failed too. I know the pitfalls. I know the pain. I know what it feels to have your back against the wall.
I know what it's like to see your savings edge towards $0.
I know what it's like to build a business while also raising 2 little kids.
I know what failure feels like.
I know what success looks like.
I'll be your guide.

Let's begin!

What can I guarantee you?

I've taken dozens of people through this process. Some succeeded, some failed, some gave up. I explored all the reasons people fail or give up and adjusted the methods to overcome all the possible pitfalls.
I learned that there is randomness about this process - sometimes the idea isn’t right, sometimes the market isn’t ready, sometimes (very rarely) the competition is too stiff.
I also learned that there are fundamental principles and skills you absolutely have to have - that every successful entrepreneur has - marketing, sales, positioning, communication, negotiation, (honest and ethical) persuasion, etc.
We don’t learn these things in college and we don’t learn them working as engineers - but they are essential - crucial - for success
They are also sufficient. Those skills plus tenacity and time will predictably get you to living life on your own term making money off your own thing.
So this is my guarantee - if you come to all the sessions and do all the exercises to the best of your ability - you will acquire all skills you need.
True success and the ability to live off your own thing may take a little while longer, but it will become a question of “when” not “if”.