Find Product Market Fit in 4 Weeks

Attention indie hackers stuggling to find paying customers for your SaaS…

In this 4-week cohort-based course you’ll get the skills you require and the support you need to find product market fit and first paying customers for your product.

Limited spots available.

We've only been doing the course for a couple of days and I've gotten so much good advice! I think it's saved me from MONTHS of struggling, if not my entire startup. You rock 🤗! — Luke Frauhiger
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Do you feel like you’re shouting into the void trying to market your SaaS?

Your SaaS was an itch you just had to scratch.
You saw a way to build something useful or fix something broken.
You spent months building it and now when it's "done" you’re ready to market it.
You’ve seen really good products market themselves, you hope yours will too.
You tweet about it, and get a few likes and even a retweet or two... But it quickly fizzles out.
You post it on ProductHunt, and even get your friends to upvote it... But very few try it.
You post it on IndieHackers, and even see some encouraging comments... But no one’s buying.
Should you keep going?
Or maybe you should drop it and try a different idea?

Are you tired of trying one idea after another and ready to find one that just works?

This is not your first rodeo.
In fact, you’ve been on the entrepreneurship journey in one form or another for years.
Some projects saw early success and even paying customers, but ultimately went nowhere.
Others just went nowhere from the start.
You’ve been trying to figure out this “marketing” thing, but it feels like something is still missing.
Your mind is a whirlwind of landing pages, copywriting tips, traffic funnels, SEO keywords, blog posts, audience building methods, build-in-public techniques, small bets, big bets, medium bets.
It all seems so random and overwhelming.
But it doesn’t have to be.

What if there was a guaranteed way to find product market fit with any idea?

What if you could know -
📌 Exactly where to find the right leads so you don’t waste time on people who won’t buy your product anyway…
📌 Exactly the right words to use on your landing page so that people feel compelled not only to try, but to actually buy your product…
📌 Exactly what price to set so that it seems like a no-brainer deal to them and creates a sustainable business for you…
📌 Exactly when you need to pivot so you don’t waste months or years on a dead end project…

GrowthLab - 4 Weeks to Product Market Fit

The goal

Take your SaaS and find a niche where it has obvious product market fit.
Close sales, get paid, and have a repeatable way to find more paying customers.

The 4-step plan

  1. Break down your app into features, benefits and limitations.
  1. Brainstorm small niches that need those benefits and can live with your limitations.
  1. Run quick experiments to see who will buy easily and pay the most.
  1. Focus on one niche and iterate until selling is effortless.

You’ll also learn -

🔥 An approach to sell your product without building new features so you can validate your business today instead of spending months building a dead end product.
🔥 A special cold emailing technique for introverts with up to 50% response rate so you don’t burn out your social batteries or feel like a scammer.
🔥 A technique to discover the features people will pay for so you build things that really help your business.
🔥 A method to find lucrative clients so you don’t need to sell a million licenses to make a living.

How it works

Live sessions

We’ll meet once or twice a week for a 60-minute live session.
Week 1
 🔥 Session 1: Analyze your product  🔥 Session 2: Understand your benefits
Week 2  🔥 Session 3: Discover your niches  🔥 Session 4: Start experiments
Week 3  🔥 Session 5: Ask the right questions
Week 4  🔥 Session 6: Close pre-sales
Bonus Week 5  🔥 Bonus Session 7: Manage stress
Bonus Week 6  🔥 Bonus Session 8: Survive pivots

Practical work

In between live sessions, you’ll be doing a lot of real work:
 🔥 You’ll analyze your product and its possible use cases  🔥 You’ll plan and execute marketing experiments  🔥 You’ll reach out and talk to customers  🔥 You’ll close pre-sales

Built-in accountability

It’s hard to stick to something as uncomfortable as marketing, but I’ve got you covered.
✅ Individual accountability on what you decided to do each week. ✅ Individual adjustment of your goals, expectations, workload, and rest. ✅ Individual help to build a sustainable marketing habit.
I have been self-learning marketing for several years and received a lot of random advice, but only after joining a GrowthLab cohort did the many pieces of the puzzle started to form a clear picture.
What's even more important, no I can be sure I'll get very specific and actional advice rather than generic wisdom from a stranger that doesn't care ery much.
I know that Eli's got my back and I'm much more confident now.
— Artem Smirnov
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The core curriculum is 4 weeks long and includes theory, practice, and support. There is an option to join an alumni program at the end to continue experimenting and growting.

Who is this program for?

💪 Software developers with great products who struggle to find paying customers. 💪 Bootstrapping founders eager to generate sustainable income. 💪 Founders with little experience marketing, sales or business. 💪 Introverted developers marketing their first product.

How many hours a week will you need?

This program is specially set up to for people who are working on their business part time.
You’ll need about 5 hours a week:
⏰ One or two 60-minute live session every week ⏰ Daily 10-minute check-in chat via Slack / Twitter DMs ⏰ 3 hours of marketing experimentation every week

About me

Hey there!
My name is Eli Finer.
I’ve been a software engineer for 22 years and a life coach for 12.
After building more products than I can count and seeing every one of them fail because even good products don’t market themselves I decided to bite the bullet and learn how the dark side of the business actually works.
I was born in Russia, lived in Israel for 25 years, served in the military for 7 and recently moved with my wife and kids to beautiful BC, Canada.
I studied marketing, sales, copywriting, and positioning and experimented endlessly - first on my own projects and then helping builders and founders I met on Twitter.
Over time I built a method for introverted developers to find paying customers for their products without losing their minds.
There’s an incredible amount of wealth and impact locked in projects that no one heard about because developers don’t know how to sell.
Let’s fix that!

Pricing: 50/500/5000

Most of the cost of the course is based on revenue sharing.

I make money when you make money

Commitment fee (due upfront)
$500 one time fee
Revenue sharing (due monthly)
1:1 revenue share for 12 months capped at $5000 total
Note: Since I’m taking partial responsibility for the success of your business, I’ll also pre-validate your idea and make myself available troughout the year for help and advice.