Paying Customers in 4 Weeks or Less


Indie Hackers: Do you have an idea, MVP, or SaaS but are struggling to find paying customers?

Join a GrowthLab cohort course, find your first paying customers, and build a system to find many more

Limited spots available.

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We've only been doing the course for a couple of days and I've gotten so much good advice! I think it's saved me from MONTHS of struggling, if not my entire startup. You rock 🤗! — Luke Frauhiger @lukefrogger

Do you have a great idea for an app?

How can you tell if it will work? Do you need to do market research? Do you need to analyze your competitors? Do you need to talk to potential customers? 😳 And even if you did all that, would that guarantee success?
Probably not…
What if you had a few people ready to pay for your idea… Even though it’s not implemented yet? What if you found all these people in the same place… And you knew there were hundreds more there waiting for you to build your app… That would be true validation, wouldn’t it?
It sounds ridiculous, I know.
Why would anyone pay for something they haven’t seen yet?
And yet…
We actually do it quite often… We pay for movie tickets before watching the movie, We pay for gadgets on Amazon before seeing them in action, We even pay for online courses before taking them.
We buy things based on a powerful promise! And that’s exactly how selling subscriptions for your app could work.

Do you have an MVP but can’t find users?

You tried posting a link to your app on Twitter, on Reddit, maybe on IndieHackers. Maybe you even went full tilt and tried to launch it on ProductHunt. You got a few encouranging comments from well meaning people, but very few signups.
It doesn’t look like anybody is using your app… Nobody is asking for features or complaining about bugs.
It’s not a good sign…
Maybe you should add another feature? Or maybe you should drop it and build something else? You can feel the pull, can’t you?
What if you could find out definitively if there’s a market for your product? What if you could either validate or invalidate your idea and know?
It might hurt… but…
Wouldn’t it be better to find out now rather than in 6 months? Or never?

Do you have free users but no one is buying?

Maybe you posted something about your app on Twitter and it went a bit viral… Or a post you did on Reddit got some unexpected traction… Or maybe you ended up on the Hacker News front page for a few hours…
People were interested, they signed up for the free version… They were using the app! Success 🎉🎉🎉!
And yet…
The initial spike died out and you haven’t been able to find many users since. And as for monetization… well… You’ve put up a nice pricing page with attractive monthly and yearly fees… but… Nobody is switching to paid plans.
What’s going on?
Is the price too high? Too low? Maybe you need a few more features to make it worth paying for? Are you even solving a painful enough problem?
What if you could know where to find people who’d gladly pay for your product? What if you knew exactly how much to charge? What if you didn’t need to guess?

GrowthLab - 4 Weeks to Paying Customers

The goal

Take your MVP, SaaS or app and find a niche where it has obvious product market fit. Close sales, get paid, and have a repeatable way to find more paying customers.

The 4-step plan

  1. Break down your app into features, benefits and limitations.
  1. Brainstorm small niches that need those benefits and can live with your limitations.
  1. Run quick experiments to see who will buy easily and pay the most.
  1. Focus on one niche and iterate until selling is effortless.

You’ll learn

✅ Exactly where to find the right people so you don’t waste time on people who won’t buy your product anyway. ✅ Exactly the right words to say so you can confidently talk about your product with anyone, anywhere. ✅ Exactly what price to set so that it seems like a no-brainer deal to them and creates a sustainable business for you. ✅ Exactly when you need to pivot so you don’t waste months or years on a dead end project.

You’ll also learn

🔥 An approach to sell your product without building new features so you can validate your business today instead of spending months building a dead end product. 🔥 A special cold emailing technique for introverts with up to 50% response rate so you don’t burn out your social batteries or feel like a scammer. 🔥 A technique to discover the features people will pay for so you build things that really help your business. 🔥 A method to find lucrative clients so you don’t need to sell a million licenses to make a living.

Built-in accountability

It’s hard to stick to something as uncomfortable as marketing and sales, but this program has you covered.
✅ Individual accountability on what you decided to do each week. ✅ Individual adjustment of your goals, expectations, workload, and rest. ✅ Individual help to build a sustainable marketing habit.


✅ 6 live study sessions ✅ 6 in-depth self-paced exercises ✅ 4 weeks of text-based coaching and support
Exclusive bonus for the November 15th cohort
✅ An individual 1:1 live sales coaching session
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I have been self-learning marketing for several years and received a lot of random advice, but only after joining a GrowthLab cohort did the many pieces of the puzzle started to form a clear picture.
What's even more important, no I can be sure I'll get very specific and actional advice rather than generic wisdom from a stranger that doesn't care ery much.
I know that Eli's got my back and I'm much more confident now.
— Artem Smirnov @uluhonolulu

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The core curriculum is 4 weeks long and includes theory, practice, and support. There is an option to join an alumni program at the end to continue experimenting and growting.

How much time does the course require?

This program is designed for fulltime entrepreneurs and for side hustlers working nights and weekends.
You’ll need about 5 hours per week for this course:
✅ One or two 60-minute live sessions ✅ Up to 3 hours of homework and practice

Who is this program for?

💪 Software developers with great products who struggle to find paying customers. 💪 Bootstrapping founders eager to generate sustainable income. 💪 Founders with little experience marketing, sales or business. 💪 Introverted developers marketing their first product.

How many people are in each cohort?

Up to 8 people in each cohort.

About Eli Finer

I’ve been a software engineer for 22 years, a life coach for 12, and full time marketer for the last 2 years.
I was born in Russia, lived in Israel for 25 years, served in the military for 7 and recently moved with my wife and kids to beautiful BC, Canada.
After building more products than I can count and seeing every one of them fail because even good products don’t market themselves I decided to bite the bullet and learn how the dark side of the business actually works.
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I studied marketing, sales, copywriting, and positioning and experimented endlessly - first on my own projects and then helping builders and founders I met on Twitter.
Over time a method emerged that can help introverted developers find paying customers for their products without losing their minds.
There’s an incredible amount of wealth and impact locked in projects that no one heard about because developers don’t know how to sell.
Let’s change that!