Find Product Market Fit in 4 Weeks

A cohort course to land your first 10 paying customers (and build a system to land many more)

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We've only been doing the course for a couple of days and I've gotten so much good advice! I think it's saved me from MONTHS of struggling, if not my entire startup. You rock 🤗! — Luke Frauhiger @

Are you shouting into the void? 👇

Your app was an itch you had to scratch. You saw a way to improve something inadequate, build something useful or even fix a terrible wrong in the world.
You spent months building it to perfection and only now, when it's "done" you try to market it.
You’ve seen really good products market themselves. You hope yours will too.
You tweet about it, and get a few likes and even a retweet or two... But it quickly fizzles out.
You post it on ProductHunt, and even get your friends to upvote it... But very few try it.
You post it on IndieHackers, and even see some encouraging comments... But no one’s buying.
You wonder if you should keep going or just drop it.

Are you on a shoestring budget?

You don’t have the luxury of a marketing department writing dozens of SEO articles.
You don’t have the time to build a massive audience or (most likely) the desire to do that.
You don’t have the funds to run ad campaigns month after month.
You need a simple, repeatable, cheap process that finds paying customers.

Find your fit in a profitable niche

Your product will improve everyone’s lives if only they gave it a chance.
But you need to start somewhere.
There are dozens of niches that you can target.
But which one should you choose?
And how will you know it’s the right one?
The answer is running many quick experiments.

GrowthLab - 4 Weeks to Product Market Fit

The goal

Take your passion-fueled SaaS and find a niche where it has obvious product market fit.
Close 10 sales, get paid, and have a repeatable way to find more paying customers.

The plan

There are 4 steps to finding product market fit and your first paying customers:
  1. Break down your product into features, benefits and limitations.
  1. Brainstorm small niches that need those benefits and can live with your limitations.
  1. Run quick positioning experiments to see who will buy easily and pay the most.
  1. Focus on one niche and iterate until selling is effortless.

How it works

Live sessions

We’ll meet once a week for a 90-minute live session and study the GrowthLab method:
  • How to reframe your product features into benefits users will want to pay for
  • How your engineering mindset can improve your marketing
  • Where can you find the best niches for your product
  • How to get paid for something you haven’t built yet
  • How to run effective marketing experiments that get results
  • What you should say in a cold email or Twitter DM
  • What you should say in a sales call with a potential client
  • How to write copy for an effective landing page that targets a specific niche
  • How can an introvert stay sane while marketing and selling

Practical work

In between live sessions, you’ll be doing a lot of real work:
 🔥 You’ll analyze your product and its possible use cases.
 🔥 You’ll plan and execute marketing and positioning experiments.
 🔥 You’ll reach out and talk to potential customers.
 🔥 You’ll close sales.

Daily check-ins

I’ll reach out every day to provide gentle accountability and help you stay the course.
I’m also available on Twitter DMs for your questions all day, every day.
I’ll be here for any questions large or small, direction, feedback and emotional support.

Office hours

I reserve a weekly 90-minute live office hours slot where you can ask any question about your specific project, your approach, your niches, copywriting or experiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The core curriculum is 4 weeks long.
You’ll get full support for 4 additional weeks to run further experiments in more niches.

Who is this program for?

Software developers with great products who struggle to find paying customers.
Bootstrapping founders eager to generate sustainable income.
Founders with little experience marketing, sales or business.
Introverted developers marketing their first product.

How many hours a week will you need?

Between 5 and 15 hours a week:
  • One 90-minute live session every week
  • Optional 15-30 minute session during office hours
  • Daily 10 minute check-in chat via Slack / Twitter DMs
  • 2 to 12 hours of marketing experimentation every week

How many people are in each cohort?

Small cohorts work best and I aim for 3-5 like minded people in each.

When is the next cohort?

A new cohorts starts every month, usually on the first Tuesday of the month.

How much does it cost?

Most of the fees come out of real revenue you’ll generate as a result of this course:
$500 + 50% of new revenue for 12 months (capped at $5000)
The $500 is a committment fee and is due up front.
The 50% revenue share only kicks in after you have 10 paying customers and includes a monthly 1:1 with me to help you keep growing.
All prices are in USD.

About me

My name is Eli Finer.
I’ve been a software engineer for 25 years and a life coach for 12.
I was born in Russia, lived in Israel for 25 years, served in the military for 7 and recently moved with my wife and kids to beautiful BC, Canada.
After building more products than I can count and seeing every one of them fail because even good products don’t market themselves I decided to bite the bullet and learn how the dark side of the business actually works.
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I studied marketing, sales, copywriting, and positioning and experimented endlessly - first on my own projects and then helping builders and founders I met on Twitter.
Over time a method emerged that can help introverted developers find paying customers for their products without losing their minds.
There’s an incredible amount of wealth and impact locked in projects that no one heard about because developers don’t know how to sell.
Let’s change that!

Guaranteed product market fit? Really?

Yes, absolutely, and the pricing structure reflects this.
If you put in the work, you’ll find a niche you can easily sell your product in.
In rare cases you may find that there’s absolutely no product market fit for any permutation of your product. In this case you’ll save months (if not years) of stumbling about and will know without a doubt that you need to move on.