Marketing Consulting For Early Stage Startups


With the only marketing consultant who spent 25 years writing code for a living

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You have a brilliant idea, a great team, a wonderful vision

It starts out well.
You build an MVP, maybe secure funding, and get some intial traction with customers.
The graphs are growing up and to the right.
But then something happens.
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Why has growth stopped?

New users aren’t coming as often as they used to.
Existing users are slowly churning.
Feature requests seem to try to pull your company in a dozen different directions - all contradictory.
You’re putting everything you can into marketing, but nothing seems to be making much of a difference.
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How to get back to growth?

Restarting requires 4 steps:
  1. Niche down - Find a new niche audience to serve with your product
  1. Reposition - Reimagine your product’s features as compelling benefits for the niche
  1. Channel - Build a new funnel that draws in the right customers
  1. Virality - Create virality loops that gets people to recommend your product to each other
Once these 4 steps are locked in, growth restarts.
It doesn’t mean the work is over.
It doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges to overcome.
But the trajectory changes.

My name is Eli Finer

I help solo founders and early stage startups find product-market fit and the right message that make products a no-brainer purchase.
I've been a software developer for 25 years, a life coach for 15, and a full time marketer for the last 3 years.
Since I can read and write code in a dozen programming languages, understand how people think and feel, and have been up to my eyeballs in marketing for the last 3 years, I can translate any complex and innovative tech into a compelling marketing message that sells.
I am active on X/Twitter under @finereli writing mostly about marketing for early stage startups.
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Here’s what my clients are saying

Roni Dover, CTO at Digma We were going to base our company on helping developers get rid of performance problems in their code.Turns out developers don't care about performance. It would not have been successful. Eli was able to pull some of the users and get answers that didn't align with our belief system and this was a really big contribution
Nir Shafrir, CEO at Digma Eli represents the combination of developer perspective and marketing perspective. This amazing combination of developer experience and being able to purify the way they think, the way they speak, what makes sense to them and what doesn't make Eli very unique.
Artyom Smironff, Entrepreneur I always wanted to build something on the side so that I could drop my job and be the master of my own time. I'm much more confident now. I was in a fog and now it's all clear. It's so clear that I don't understand how I didn't know it before because now it's so obvious to me.
Luke Frauhiger, Entrepreneur Without Eli I would have been just pumping time into the project, trying to get to the point where I had enough traction and I would have went for a long ways until I was just absolutely frustrated and burnt out.

Hire me!

Option 1: Free 60-minute marketing consultation

We’ll analyze your business, come up with an effective positioning for your product, and help you form a strategy to tackle your marketing.
After the call you’ll have the option to hire me to help you implement the plan.
Price: $0

Option 2: The Indie Package

The goal is to find a lucrative niche for your product and jump start sales.
I’ll help you run a series of positioning experiments and will teach you the skills you need to do this again and again in the future.
I’ll teach you marketing, sales, outreach, copywriting, and social media egagement - everything you need to get your initial product market fit.
We’ll meet twice a month for a live session to decide on the next best course of action and keep in constant contact via text messages in between to keep things rolling.
Price: $600 / month

Option 3: The Startup Package

The goal is to find a lucrative niche for your product and jump start sales.
This is a do-it-for-you package and I’ll do all the work - niche brainstorming, research, client and prospect interviews, marketing experiments.
I will -
1. Find a niche that your product sells well in
Or -
2. Prove that such a niche doesn’t exist (and you need to pivot)
We’ll meet twice a month for a live session and keep in constant contact via text messages email in between to make sure my experiments aligns with your goals.
Price: starts at $6000